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It is not a secret anymore that we are handling various services with regards t electricity. There is no small or big job for us. Every client will be given proper attention. We have a project manager who will take care of the individual needs of every client. We provide the widest variety of services than range from new service installation to the smallest troubleshooting request. We may also handle your home renovation.

Bathroom remodeling

The families nowadays use more electrical appliances regularly than the families in the past. We are actually using appliances more than our old bathrooms can handle. We have water heater, electric hair dryers, electric hair rollers, hair straightening iron, electric toothbrush, razors, TVs, radios and waterpik. Some even have their sound systems in their bathroom. This applies to the modern bathroom with enclosures. A good lighting is also important in the bathroom. It will help you groom yourself even more if there is enough light. Your choices of lights can make or break the bathroom design. There should be light dimmers too if there is a hot tub. That will help you relax even more. Gone are the days of a bathroom with ceiling bulbs. We can always update your bathroom to make it look elegant and a hub to stay at. We can always help you install lights that will fit into the standard code.

Hot tub wiring

Hot tubs along with spas are the most relaxing place for everyone nowadays. But, more families opt to have it at home. That will be more relaxing for them. We can really enjoy spending all our time in the bathroom just staying in the tub while, listening to a good music or while, we watch TV. We do not really need to go out to spend an hour in a spa. But of course, you will be needing amenities too like a heater, good lighting and electrical wiring to set up everything and make them function well.


We pride ourselves on a high level of services and carry out all types of electrical work including electrical installation, repair, upgrade and maintenance service.

It will not be a problem. We will take care of your electrical needs. You can be sure that your bathroom with a hot tub will be the best place in the house. We have installed the electrical system of most bathrooms. We have a dedicated team of electricians who will take care of it. We will make your bathtub run smoothly. You need to allow us to take care of it, that way electrocution will not happen to anyone who will use it. The risk of electrocution is always there. It is scary, but there is nothing to be scared of if you will allow us to take care of this need that you may have.

We will make this run properly for years. We have been responding to calls from our past and new clients regarding hot tub installation. We take pride in everything we do. We want to make sure that our clients will be happy with the result of our job. We will not fail you. We will do our best to make sure that it will work properly and your bathroom will surely be enjoyed by everyone in the family.