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Safety Measures in Using Electricity at Home

Electricity powers everything in our home- lights, washing machine, dishwasher, and many more. But it is the most common cause of injuries and burns, so keeping our home safe from electrical hazards is the topmost things that should be given proper attention to. You should avoid doing the electrical repairs by self if you don’t have proper knowledge for the work because even the smallest mistake can cause serious burns to you. So if you are not having enough knowledge regarding electrical work then its always better to take help of an expert and well qualified electrician or hire some experts to do the job. You can look for experts online and can book their services online. Quick Electrician Service Phoenix is one such expert service provider in Phoenix Arizona who are licensed electricians in Phoenix AZ. Below are given general electrical safety tips that each homeowner should practice to keep their home safe from electrical accidents:

Electrical Safety Facts and Tips
  1. Regularly check your appliances and find, if any, cuts in the cord. Call an electrician if you find your appliance overheating or malfunctioning. Your electronics should be free from any sparks and smokes.
  2. The areas close to water should always have GFCI outlets such as in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms etc. A GFCI outlet automatically shuts off the power when any electrical appliance comes in the contact of water. These outlets are very good in saving you and your family from any electrical hazard.
  3. You should not overload the outlet with many appliances. Get extra outlets installed if you require more but never in any condition overload the existing ones.
  4. Check if your outlet and switches are hot to touch. Sometimes even the outlets can get burnt because of fault in the wiring and arcing. Small sparks can give rise to fires so call a professional electrician to have a look at the electrical system of your home.
  5. Always use a fire extinguisher in your home. in emergency use a fire extinguisher in place of water. Educate your family members about the basic electrical safety tips and tell them how to switch off the main power when needed.
  6. Be cautious while doing any electrical repair work. Do not try your hand in a repair work that you are not confident of. It will do more harm than good. Even if you feel that you can do few simple repairs, always wear the gloves and follow all the safety measures in dealing with electricity to keep yourself safe.
  7. Never use the high power appliance on the outlet not meant for such high power. Same goes for the lights. Never use the high wattage lights in the fixtures not meant for such lights. Halogen lights can easily heat up and can cause a fire if are kept very close to the curtains and rugs.
  8. Arc fault circuit interrupters are good to install to protect the electrical outlets.
  9. Get a smoke alarm in your home. There are now photoelectric alarms which are faster in responding.
  10. Keep checking your cables on a regular basis. Aging and damaged wires are the leading cause of the house fires. Replacing old wires is the best thing to do. Even insurance companies either deny or charge the high premium from the house owner for the coverage of the house having old wires.
  11. Install LEDs in your home. It is not only energy efficient but it is also very safe to use.

Do follow the above mentioned safety tips in using electricity at home and keep your abode safe from any kind of electrical hazards.