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14 Tips to Reduce Electricity Bill

Paying electricity bills is the major expenditure for all of us. Changing little habits can remarkably reduce our electricity bills, and it is also good for the environment. Let’s find out the ways through which you can reduce your electricity bills:

Tips To Lower Your Electric Bill
  1. Go solar – Initial installation of the solar panels are costly, but over time they will prove to be very cost efficient. Solar can cut down your expenditure to almost 70%.
  2. Keep the temperature steady- Keeping your thermostat to a lower temperature is not desirable if you intend to save money from electrical bills. Your air conditioner has to work harder to get that temperature in which you will not be even comfortable. Setting your HVAC unit to two degrees lower in the winters and two degrees higher in the summer can reduce your energy consumption.
  3. Turn off the heaters and coolers when you don’t use them. Close the vents of the empty room where you don’t want your hot or cool air to pass.
  4. Your fridge, so it consumes very high energy. Making it cost-effective is good. Make sure that the door seal is tight so that cool air cannot escape. An ideal temperature of the fridge is 4 to 5 degrees, and ideal freezer temperature is minus 15 to 18 degrees.
  5. Fridge and freezer should be kept full. Food acts as insulation which lessens the time for which your refrigerator must work.
  6. Even when all the appliances are closed in the home, the consumption of energy never stops. Phantom load is the main culprit behind this. Remove the plug after using the appliance.
  7. Insulated roofs can also reduce the power consumption as it keeps your internal temperature constant. Check that the roof is properly installed and has right ‘R-value.’
  8. A microwave uses less energy than electric oven so using it more is the best way to reduce your electrical bills. Use the dishwasher only when it’s full and avoid using the hot water in it. It consumes a lot of energy.
  9. Old halogen lights are now past. They heat up quickly and consume a lot of energy. Replacing it with the energy efficient LEDs are good.
  10. Using ceiling fans with your air conditioner can make you feel cool quickly. The ceiling fan can quickly circulate the cold air, hence promptly cool down your home.
  11. Let your clothes dry in the sunlight. This can also reduce your energy consumption.
  12. Use curtains and blinds to shield the house from the sun. Change the place of the thermostat if it is installed on a sunny wall of your home. Heat from the sun directly falling on the thermostat will give the wrong information to the air conditioner, and it will work harder to cool the room.
  13. Changing filters regularly will make your air conditioner to work in its peak efficiency. You should replace the filters every 90 days.
  14. Use energy star appliances. These appliances are great to use and are equally energy efficient. Replace your old appliances with the new ones every 10 years.

With the above mentioned tips you can definitely reduce your electricity bill upto a considerable extent. Also make sure that you get all the electrical connections checked from professional electricians in Phoenix Arizona.